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Galentine's Party Ideas

Valentines is around the corner but more importantly, it’s almost time to celebrate Galentine’s Day. The term “Galentine’s” may have been coined by Amy Poehler's character in 2010, but we have been celebrating this fabulous holiday for decades. Yes, decades plural. 😊

Over the years parties have changed, but no matter how you celebrate, time with your closest girlfriends is good for the heart, soul & mind. It’s a time to be frivolous, vulnerable, and silly. You will devour delicious food, play games, watch your favorite rom coms, and grace your face with more laugh lines than you care to moisturize. The memories are worth every single one and the night out will leave you with a pep in your step for days to follow.

However you choose to celebrate, we are sharing some tips below to ensure you have the best Galentine’s party ever.


Pinks & reds without a doubt. Dress up, dress down, but you’re encouraged to dance all around! Pajama parties are our favorite and heart jewelry is cute and fun. Diamonds are welcome too. They are girls’ best friend after all so they should have an invite to the party.

Food and Drink

Don’t forget the bubbly! Whether you pop Prosecco or prefer non-alcoholic beverages, you must have bubbles to cheers with. Below you can pin our version of the Shirley Temple, and another bubbly beverage of choice is Olipop’s Strawberry Vanilla. It’s pink, tasty, and healthy since it’s packed with Prebiotics!

When it comes to food, keep it simple but make it pretty. We love a good charcuterie board with yummy cheese, soppressata rosettes, candy coated nuts, and chocolate heart cookies (Trader Joe's has the best dark chocolate ones with sprinkles). Chocolate covered strawberries are also an absolute must but remember to take a moment to think about what you and your girlfriends will actually eat and don’t just do it for the gram.

Fun & Games

  • Two truths & a lie
  • Name that movie
  • Taboo

It’s always fun to play for prizes to encourage friendly competition. Our Bridal Bundle and Pop, Fizz, Bling Brush Jewelry Cleaner are perfect gifts. Have a few on hand in case of a tie, and they also make a nice hostess gift. 

Classic (and Netflix) Rom Coms

  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • The Sweetest Thing
  • Home Again
  • Falling Inn Love
  • Sabrina

The key to the best girls night is to invite friends that bring out the best in you. We will leave you with a quote that resonated recently and was sent by a dear friend. If you agree, send to the people that make your light shine more brightly!

There are some friends who simply bring out the best in you. Even though you are both thoroughly imperfect, you inspire each other to do the right thing and to keep moving into higher levels of growth. Their light makes what is already good inside of you shine much more brightly. ~ Yung Pueblo

 Baublerella Sassy Shirley Temple Recipe

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