Glitzy Glove® Jewelry Polishing Mitt

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Restore watches, bracelets, necklaces and rings with the Glitzy Glove. Our mess-free mitt is infused with a formula to simply polish your precious metals and create a protective barrier to slow future tarnish. 

The Glitzy Glove cleans precious metals. If you are looking for something to clean your jewelry stones then you would love our Bling Brush!

  • Polishing Mitt removes tarnish from precious metals
  • Safe on platinum, gold, silver, and brass as well as plated jewelry
  • Mitt is lined with 100% cotton
  • One size fits most

While wearing the polishing mitt, gently rub your jewelry until its brilliance is restored. Store and re-seal in bag after each use.

If you aren't 100% pleased with our products, we will refund your original form of payment. We just ask you give us the courtesy of letting us know why you were unhappy so we can refine things in the future. For details click here.

Glitzy Glove jewelry polishing cloth cleaning tarnished silver jewelry

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