Baublerella founder Chevis Douville developing products and sharing best sellers alongside inspiration board imagery

Created by a mom looking for ways to simplify life coupled with the desire to use products safe for her family led to this collection of Pretty Little Problem Solvers.

Hand illustrated light bulb shining bright light

“An idea sparked when I wanted a natural jewelry cleaner to clean my diamond ring. Always in a rush, I also wanted the option to clean my jewelry on-the-go," says founder Chevis Douville.

Beloved by boutiques

In 2015, Baublerella launched in boutiques from New York to Beverly Hills & quickly garnered attention from department stores who loved how pretty these practical products looked on the shelf. Baublerella has now shipped to over 7,000 stores nationwide and has been featured on The Today Show and Good Morning America and seen in numerous publications such as People, Real Simple, and Town & Country.

Clean crafted

This inspired, woman-owned business works with a team of fearless females to develop, design & manufacture these clean crafted products. Each fine ingredient is deliberately chosen & products are non-toxic so they are safe for you and the world around you.

Rooted in family

The collection originated in jewelry care inspired in part by Chevis’ Granny Dixie, a sassy lady who loved her baubles, but has evolved into a collection of Pretty Little Problem Solvers all created out of a need.

Little girl dressed in pink tulle dress with sequin applique holding up blisters bee gone blister prevention hydrating balm

Kid Friendly

“When my little girl started walking, she was always getting blisters from shoes. I went in search of a product to prevent blisters from forming and found waxy products laden with fragrance, which can be irritating to skin.” This problem led to Blisters Bee Gone®, the company’s latest solution to prevent blisters from ballet flats, heels, and sneakers.

hand illustrated pink and white striped latte cup with coffee and steam and hearts floating above it

We hope you find comfort and joy with our collection developed with a lot of heart and a whole lot of lattes. You can find Baublerella at your local boutique by visiting our store locator or you can shop here where orders are backed by our Happiness Guarantee.