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Reason for the Season

How many times have you discovered an old saying by your parents to be true? The latest words of wisdom science now supports is a simple motto, It’s the thought that counts.

TIME magazine shared a fascinating generosity study where a group of people each received $50. They told one half to spend the money on themselves and the other half to think about who they would give the money to. A week later they polled the participants, and the ones who simply pondered who to give the money to showed a significant increase in happiness. Brain scans also showed their dopamine levels significantly rose as well.

This Christmas we can’t wait to spend time with family and friends but are also seeking ways to give to others. We know it will bring joy to all and truth be told, it’s the reason for the season!

Below we shared ways we are giving back this Christmas, but we also want to share an organization dear to our hearts called Rae’s Hope. Rae's Hope provides weekly programs for at-risk girls to create opportunity, nurture potential, and inspire achievement. Through these programs the girls learn that persistence in the face of setbacks can lead them to self-reliant and fulfilling lives.

If you’ve purchased Baublerella products, then you’ve already given to Rae’s Hope since we give a portion of proceeds from all products sold to the organization annually, but they always welcome donations.

See below for other ways you can spread holiday cheer this year!

  • Send toiletries to homeless organizations
  • Donate plush bath robes to women shelters
  • Send baked goods for volunteers
  • Send gently used toys to your local foster care center
  • Gift scripture cards to those recovering from trauma
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