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Why You Should Clean Jewelry at Home

We’ve cleaned A LOT of jewelry and women are always shocked how amazing it looks after a few seconds – yes, seconds – with the Bling Brush and Glitzy Glove. “Oh my goodness, it looks like the day I got it!” is something we hear on repeat. One of my personal faves, “I cleaned my jewelry this morning, but it looks so much better now!” 

Appearance is one thing, and we LOVE to see jewelry sparkling in the sunlight, but you should give your jewelry TLC for reasons aside from the sparkle factor. Below is a list of various things we encounter that collect on (and under) jewelry over time:

  • Dead skin cells
  • Soap scum
  • Lotion
  • Makeup
  • Bacteria
  • Food
  • Poop – yeah, we said it

It’s recommended to remove rings before washing your hands but TBH, it’s not worth losing them or taking the time to get them on and off – if you can get them off in the first place! It’s also a pain to remove necklaces (Do those little clasps slip through your fingers too?) before applying makeup and perfume, which ends up all over your decolletage and you guessed it… jewelry.

There are several ways you can clean rings at home, but the best cleaner for jewelry hands down is the Bling Brush Jewelry Cleaning Pen. It’s non-toxic, portable and long-lasting. It’s pretty sleek looking too.😉

If you are wondering how to clean diamonds, the Bling Brush is your answer. If you're asking how to clean tarnished jewelry – gold, silver or bronze – then you need our Glitzy Glove Jewelry Polishing Cloth. 

Spread kindness, not germs. Clean your jewelry at home and you just might receive more compliments on it while you’re out.

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