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How To: Restore your Bathroom Floor & Jewelry to their true beauty

I’m a strong believer in the saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Since Baublerella’s mission is to encourage women to be confident in themselves and help one another, I’ve decided to be vulnerable and share a recent discovery that may help you too. The fact is, I’ve been standing in dirt and grime for a while now… a decade to be exact.

You know I LOVE clean jewelry, clearly, but I also love a clean home. My family lives in a quaint house in the heart of Dallas, and it is my happy place. It was built back in the 50s and the bathrooms reflect the era perfectly – one being pink & white and the other all blue.

My bathroom floor consists of off-white tiles in a honeycomb pattern but the grout has been a deep shade of brown since we moved in. I always wrote this off as being something you deal with in an older home, but recently I discovered I made a grave mistake in my logic, or lack thereof.

I stumbled across a product called Grout-eez. (Please note: This is NOT a natural product. I typically use natural cleaning products, but this one is not.)  This product comes from a small, family-owned business, and I was floored (pun intended) by their before and after photos. I thought it was worth trying on my bathroom floors and I must admit, the product delivered just as promised.   


While I’m a bit ashamed by the fact I didn’t think to resolve this issue sooner and my grout has been covered in dirt for years, I felt compelled to share with y’all so you don’t make the same mistake. Like I said, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” but now you know! If you too have grout that appears dirty, I recommend trying this product.

Twirling back to Baublerella... your jewelry is also probably a lot dirtier than you realize. Throughout the years when we clean ladies’ jewelry, they are embarrassed and shocked at how dirty it was. They are amazed after using our Glitzy Glove Anti-Tarnish Jewelry Polishing Mitt to clean tarnished jewelry and/or the Bling Brush Natural Jewelry Cleaner for diamonds and gemstones, because their jewelry sparkles like the day they got it.   

How to Clean David Yurman Jewelry

Whether it be your bathroom floor or your jewelry, we hope this inspired you to take action and restore your belongings back to their true beauty!

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