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What is a Coastal Grandmother?

The Coastal Grandmother trend is alive and viral; and we are here for it. While we are neither grandmothers nor residents of the coast, this nostalgic vibe sets the perfect intention for transitioning seasons.

Enter the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Lex Nicoleta, the girl who went viral on TikTok after coining the term, says it best,

“It’s more about the way you live your life - slowing down and taking time to enjoy the little things like flipping through magazines and sipping tea on a Sunday morning or preparing a dinner with the day’s farmers’ market finds.”

How can you channel your inner and outer coastal grandmother? See below for a few ideas we hope Nancy Meyers and Diane Keaton would approve of:

  • Take time for a solo walk. We all need alone time to self-reflect, but don’t forget to apply Blisters Bee Gone to your feet before slipping your white tennis shoes on.
  • Simple and classic colors are best. Beige, white, maybe even an airy blue. Focus on soft tones.
  • Think less clutter. Minimalistic but in the most soft and comfortable of ways. You want your home to feel warm, safe and welcoming. Have you ever noticed the bountiful bowls of fruit in the kitchens in Nancy Meyers films?
  • Visit your local market. Even if you have no plans to cook, you can still find kind individuals - maybe even a meet-cute as Arthur would say in The Holiday - or spot flowers to incorporate a natural element in your home.
  • Take care of your quality fashion pieces*:
    • Keep clean jewelry by incorporating Bauble Bath Jewelry Cleaning Soak into your routine. Soak stones while you brush your teeth or while you enjoy the magazine you’ve put aside for a while.
    • Hand wash beige cashmere cardigans with lukewarm water (never hot) and a tablespoon of no-rinse detergent or baby shampoo.
    • Rest your straw hat on its crown. Laying it flat could cause it to bow in unwanted areas.

So, whether you choose to wear breezy linen or cozy cable knit, don your pearls or a neck mess of gold, remember the most important part of the coastal grandmother vibe and slow down.

*As always, check the label of your items for specific instruction to help avoid any damage.
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