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Toddler Girl Easter Basket Goodies

It's hard to believe Easter is a week from today and I have so many mixed emotions about the holiday. Easter is my favorite time of year and it's always revolved around dressing up for church in our Sunday best, going to sing and celebrate the resurrection with our congregation, followed by brunch with family and outdoor games. 

This year will look much different than years past, but I'm grateful for this time with my immediate family and plan to make the best of current circumstances. I'm re-framing things in my mind now and dropping all expectations from years past to make the holy day all the more enjoyable! 

For a few weeks now, we have been reading the Easter story with our kids so they understand Easter isn't all about chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, but is about God's son dying on the cross for our sins. It's hard for them to wrap their head around, but Skylar always tells us that Jesus is in her heart, which is everything a mom could wish for. That being said, I still love putting together Easter baskets each year and thought I'd take a moment to share what Skylar will be waking up to on Sunday morning!

  • Books, books and more books! We read ALL the time around here and can't wait to flip through the pages of - Marshmallow, The Country Bunny and Bunnies for Tea (all recommended by Katey McFarlan). We actually used books as a potty training reward where the fewer the accidents, the more books we would read. Now she is potty trained but somehow the book routine stuck and we read at least 6 stories a day if not more. 
  • Crayola crafts alongside new paint & brushes. Now that we are "homeschooling" our craft game has been strong. So far we've made both caterpillars and lady bugs out of egg cartons, binoculars out of toilet paper tubes and hand and footprints on canvas compliments of her little brother, Cannon.
  • It's never too early to instill the importance of Self Care. Skylar has always had an affinity for pampering and loves to "get ready" with mommy. Prior to shops closing, I was at The Little Things and discovered an adorable line of nail polishes called Little Lady Products. The kid-friendly polishes are 7-toxin free, scented and come with a cute little ring. Sky will get a pink polish in her basket along with our Blisters Bee Gone Blister Prevention Balm. Every year she gets a new pair of white Keds at Dillard's along with a pair of gold Salt Water Sandals. With both, she used to get the most horrible blisters. I started applying our blister prevention hydrating balm back when we first started developing it and she has not had a blister since! She also loves to "do it all by myself."
  • Sweet Treats. This is the first year I'm including sweets in her Easter basket and I know they will be her favorite things! She is completely obsessed with gummies and loves animals so I didn't hesitate when I saw these Gummy Bunnies & Friends at Trader Joe's. Target also has great little treats like the chocolate covered Crispy Rice Treat and they all come individually packaged. 
  • Cuddle + Kind Hand Knit Doll. I love the heirloom quality dolls from this brand on a mission to feed hungry children. All of the dolls are hand crafted by woman artisans in Peru using natural, high quality cotton (some of the softest cottons come from the region), and for every doll sold, they give 10 meals to children in need. 
  • Spring/Summer Pajamas are also a wonderful Easter basket goody. Kids typically need new pajamas each spring so this is a fun way to get something they need while positioning it as a gift. It's not pictured here because I can't find where I hid it at the moment, but Skylar will be donning an Elsa Princess Nightgown with sparkle tulle skirt come next Sunday. She is obsessed with all things Frozen so I can't wait to see the smile on her face when she sees it. Now if I could just remember where it is...

Easter Basket Shopping List:

  1. Blisters Bee Gone
  2. Marshmallow 
  3. The Country Bunny
  4. Bunnies for Tea
  5. Crayola washable paint
  6. Crayola brushes
  7. Chocolate covered Crispy Rice Treat
  8. Little Lady Products Nail Polish
  9. Elsa Princess Nightgown
  10. Cuddle + Kind Stuffed Lamb
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