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Clean Space, Clean Mind {How to Organize Your Workspace)

A few years back I read an article about feng shui that resonated with me. It stated when you have clutter in your home or at your desk, then it can clutter your mind and block the flow of energy. We have enough distractions working from home, but your work space shouldn’t be one of them. Below I’m sharing my favorite organizational items to keep my desk clean and the creativity flowing. 

Cord Chaos

With all our techcessories these days, we are surrounded by cords which can be maddening if you catch a glimpse of them under or on your desk. Not only do they look messy, but they collect dust and a pile of crazy cords is like a kid magnet. When it comes to keeping them organized I’m obsessed with Tech Candy products. They are quippy techcessories designed with you in mind and are cute to boot. I linked my favorites below:

Paper Pileup

I often find myself surrounded by stacks of papers. I aim to tend to them but get pulled in a million directions causing papers to pile up over time, which in turn causes a bit of anxiety. To keep my desk space clean without filing things away prior to addressing, I place them in a pretty letter tray. It can become a catch-all so I set aside time every couple of weeks to clean and organize it so tasks don’t get lost in the shuffle. I love this gold acrylic letter tray from Kate Spade, but if you are going for a more natural look then this woven scalloped tray is beautiful.  

The Smell of Success

There is no denying the power of scent. I truly believe diffusing essential oils allow me stay focused and calm my senses. I also believe they are safer than burning candles since many waxes are filled with harsh chemicals. I have a few clean candles I love, but I will save those for a later post. I diffuse oils depending on my mood so I have one that’s grounding for balance, one for energy that’s uplifting and one for joy that smells like fresh cut lilies, which simply make me happy. I have a few diffusers around our home, but prefer The Essential Wellness oil diffuser with auto timer because it's quiet and serves as a humidifier as well.  

A few other things I always have on my desk are fresh flowers, a glass of water and my planner. What do you always have on your desk?

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