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Packing Light Travel Tips for Girls On-the-Go!

My entire life, I’ve traveled like my Memaw and literally bring everything but the kitchen sink. I was that girl who brought the most random items just in case. Somewhere along the way, my husband started factoring in an extra $50 for plane tickets because we would always hear those dreaded words: your bag is overweight ma’am. One trip my bag was over 75 pounds, which if you didn’t know has a $100 upcharge vs. $50. It was then I thought enough is enough and said to myself, I could have bought a nice pair of earrings for that! 

As a business owner, I find myself traveling a lot more these days. I don’t always have time between meetings and flights to arrive an hour beforehand to check a bag, and don’t like to risk it being lost. Since I represent the Baublerella brand, I always like to be prepared and look polished – our tagline after all is You’re So Polished –  but it’s hard to do that AND pack in a small bag. However, I’ve learned to adapt and now pack everything I need for business trips in a carry on… or two*.

*See tip 4 for our trick allowing for 2 carry on bags 😊  

This week we are headed to The Atlanta International Gift Market®, and as I started pulling outfits I decided to share my top 4 tips on how to efficiently pack for a week and still look put together. I’m sure there are so many more tips, so I would love to hear your packing tips too because you can never be too prepared!

1. Pack in Color Stories

You can cut down on shoes and mix layers if you pack in the same color story. In the summer, I always pack in a pink and white story so I can wear the same shoes, sweater or jacket with several outfits. I prefer to pack dresses because they don’t take up much room and it’s just 1 article of clothing vs. 2 if you were to bring separates. If you prefer separates, try bringing 1-2 pairs of pants and change up your look with different tops & jewelry. If all your outfits are the same color story, you can get by with 2 pairs of shoes – a practical pair for day and fun pair for night. Technically you could bring 1 pair, but what’s the fun in that?!

2. The Beauty of Minis

When it comes to beauty and personal care products I refuse to cut down on my daily routine, so to make room I put EVERYTHING in mini containers. Every time I arrive home from a trip, I refill the containers when I unpack so I don’t have to worry about it before the next trip. There are some products that simply can’t be transferred like one of our faves, the No Frizz Humidity Shield from Living Proof, which is an aerosol we can’t live without! For staples like these, we always buy the mini versions. Lucky for you, we got in touch with the kind people at Living Proof and are giving away a bag FULL of their top selling products in mini sizes! See the bottom of this post on how to enter.

3. Assess Fabric Weights

You may think this sounds silly, but when you start looking at folded stacks of clothing, you can really see a difference. For items like pajamas, workout clothes, and even some outfits for the day, choose items that have a thinner fabric weight. Yes, they don’t weigh as much but more importantly, they fit more compactly in your carry on.

4. Prepare Your Purse

You are allowed two bags on a plane – a carry on and a purse. Since a ‘purse’ can be subjective, we suggest to either take a large purse you can put additional things in like your computer, snacks, etc, OR you can do what I do: pack your purse in your suitcase and take a large bag to carry on with your suitcase. In the large bag you can put all the essentials you’ll need while traveling, then when you reach your destination just whip your purse out of your suitcase, et voila!


These are just a few tips & tricks I’ve picked up along my travels, but I would love to hear what you do! Leave a comment below with either a travel tip or a product you can’t live without on-the-go and be entered to win a travel set from Living Proof with the following items along with our Bling Brush: Restore Shampoo, Restore Conditioner, Prime Style Extender, No Frizz Humidity Shield, Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. Prize valued at $80. You can also enter by leaving a comment on our Instagram post about the contest.

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  • Most airlines allow for a carry on AND a personal item, which usually on the airline websites include backpacks.
    Using a backpack, especially one containing clothing packed in vacuum-sealed bags can really save your space!

  • Girl – I was the same way when it came to packing for all my work trips. I would even over-pack when traveling to China which was a nightmare because I had to haul the bag through the city sometimes. My tip is to start with shoes first, pick one flat, one heel, one flip flop and one pair of tennis shoes (which I wear on the plane usually because they take up the most space). Then pick outfits in colors that can be mixed easily that match the shoes you choose.

    Emily Seidel

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