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Toddler Diary (Girl & Boy Printables)


After a quick skim through social media, it's safe to say us moms are scrambling to discover ways to keep our kids active while at home. The only way we will make it through this Coronavirus pandemic not only with our sanity, but as stronger and more present moms is by coming together and sharing various ways to positively occupy our time at home with the kids.

A teacher friend recommended creating a diary with your child since they are living history. Have them record daily events like how they feel, what they are grateful for, what they read and learned, etc. and put it away for them to look back on one day and share with their kids. 

Since my little girl is only 3 (my son is 20 weeks), I put together this daily diary page for us to complete together. It's part pictures she can color and part areas I can ask her questions & fill in her answers. At school she was learning her letters & how to write her name, so the space at the top allows her to practice her name daily - I can't wait to see how writing her name progresses over the next few weeks and the confidence seeing that will build in her!

You can download the diary page in our signature pink here and you can download a blue one here for the little gentlemen. Below are a few other things we are doing to keep our minds and bodies active.

  • Paint pictures showing gratitude for delivery drivers and hang them on the door.
  • Interview grandparents and store away their answers for safe keeping.  
  • Go camping indoors (join Kammok on March 27 for their National Camp at Home Day!) We will be pulling out our pink princess castle and reading one of our favorite books, I'm Gonna Climb a Mountain in My Patent Leather Shoes
  • Go through pictures on your phone and make a picture book for your coffee table.  
  • Organize toys and ask your kid which ones they want to give to other little kids. You can either donate to a local charity or create a toy box to put on the sidewalk for other kids to come discover on their walks with mom and dad.
  • Put on an apron and bake something sweet to eat! You can make it a fun math activity by having them count everything out. You can also taste along the way and talk to them about the taste, colors and texture of the ingredients. 
  • Grab you little one and {mama}stay on your mat with WeYogis. We were over the moon to see they are offering mommy and me classes to stream for FREE or subscribe for $30/month to stream unlimited classes.
  • Head out for a walk and fresh air, but don't forget to apply our Blisters Bee Gone Blister Prevention Hydrating Balm. 

We would love to hear what you are doing to stay upbeat and productive at home. Please share below and if you decide to create a diary with your little one, please tag @Baublerella on Instagram. We will post to Insta stories for others to see since we are all in this together - at a distance of course! 


Baublerella Toddler Diary Printable

Baublerella Toddler Diary Boy

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