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Meet Madeline: Baublerella Office Personality

Statistics show having dogs {I use this word with hesitation given the fabulousness of the spunky little lady in the photo above} in the workplace are great for productivity. They introduce a certain something to the office that makes work more enjoyable. They bring love, laughter and are the perfect walking companion for an afternoon break.

Today is National Puppy Day so we wanted to take a moment and introduce the Baublerella office mascot - Madeline. She is a petite Maltese with glamazon legs, a heart the size of Texas, and a quirky personality that generates a lot of laughs.     

Madeline wears a rhinestone collar and is always dressed in pink. When not working, she loves lounging on her pink unicorn and playing with Mr. Bear. Madeline's favorite task is alerting the office when the mail has arrived, and her biggest fear is any object out of place; she will quickly let you know something is awry by barking incessantly until said object is put away.

Madeline can usually be found laying on the floor next to company founder, Chevis Douville, or in the lap of anybody stopping by. She never meets a stranger and you can expect several kisses when walking in the door.

I will be sharing photos of Madeline and her various office escapades on my Instagram page - @Baublerella. I hope you follow along and enjoy her as much as I do!

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