Our Story

Our Story

Baublerella is bringing glam and grace to jewelry care while fostering a sisterhood of women looking to help one another.

Baublerella was founded on a dream to make polishing jewelry part of your daily beauty routine. Tom Ford once said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners,” and we couldn't agree more. Women strive to put their best foot forward and Baublerella helps you do just that – a swipe of lipstick, a spritz of perfume and a quick brush across your bling will leave you sparkling!

A wise girl once said, a dream is a wish the heart makes. After much thought, we took that advice and here we are. Running on a lot of heart and one too many lattes, we work daily inspiring you to sparkle from the inside out!

The Beginning

Baublerella originated with the simple idea of creating a jewelry cleaner women can use anytime, anywhere. One night long ago, a young woman was rushing to a fancy party. After getting all dolled up and slipping on a dashing new dress, she realized she’d run out the door without cleaning her wedding ring. Saddened her ring wouldn’t sparkle and shine that night, she set out to look for a solution.

After shopping around, she noticed not only did an ideal solution not exist, but jewelry care products didn’t reflect the fashionable nature of jewelry. Jewelry is fashion, and fashion is art so why wouldn’t the products reflect that?

She created Baublerella as a glamorous alternative.  

A brand was born but it couldn’t be all about the products. It had to be more. After much reflection, the young woman decided her brand would stand on a foundation of confidence, and refinement; it would seek to emanate a positivity inspiring others daily.  

Now if she only had a name…

Story in a Name

Late one night, reading about strong women in literature and film, something sparked in the young woman's mind – Baublerella. It was perfect; the marriage of the word bauble, a vintage term for jewelry, with the classic fairytale, Cinderella.

Cinderella is the story of a girl who was hardworking and kindhearted despite setbacks she often faced. Cinderella was always overlooked until the night she was polished up for the royal ball. Once she walked in the door, all eyes gazed upon her and her fairytale came true.

While Cinderella wore a beautiful dress and arrived in style that night, it was the confidence gained in herself that really made an impact.   

Baublerella now lives happily ever after.