Give Back

Baublerella was founded with the purpose of giving back. 

We strive to be more than a brand with a collection of pretty little problem solvers – we want those products to have a higher purpose.  

In the beginning, we searched to find an organization that aligned with our mission to inspire women to help one another and be confident in themselves. We discovered a small non-profit organization in Dallas, Texas called Rae’s Hope.

Rae's Hope creates opportunity, nurtures potential, and inspires achievement in young at-risk girls ages 6 to 18. They provide weekly programs with a focus on healthy living, physical fitness, and education while building long-term relationships and serving as role models for the girls. Through these programs the girls learn that persistence in the face of setbacks can lead them to self-reliant and fulfilling lives. 

Rae’s Hope is led by an awe inspiring, extraordinarily selfless woman named Angela Fields. Angela, a school teacher by trade, leveraged her passion for teaching and dedicated her life to providing opportunities for young girls with diverse economic backgrounds. She is at the forefront of every program and personally looks after several girls to ensure no child is left behind.  

When you purchase Baublerella products, a portion of profits are donated to Rae’s Hope. If you would like to make an additional donation supporting the cause, please click here