Packing Light Travel Tips for Girls On-the-Go!

Written By Chevis Douville - July 11 2017


Elissa DiBona Verwholt
May 10 2018

My mum and I are very particular about our skin and hair care regimen! We absolutely love the travel size bottles of Evian Water spray! We started using them when we would travel: a healthy dose of spritzing our faces once an hour, every hour, during a flight, followed by our favorite face moisturizers, to help keep our skin supple and glowy en route to our vacation destinations. We also spritz my dad, my sister, and my husband ;) Now we keep extra bottles stashed everywhere! In our everyday purses, our cars, her gym bag (she always spritzes after yoga or pilates!) and my dance bag (I’m a ballet teacher!).


I got engaged April 2015, and married October 2016… my husband proposed with an absolutely STUNNING one full carat, 6 prong, Classic Setting from Tiffany&Co, and invested in the matching shared prong, half eternity wedding band from Tiffany’s. Anytime we travel, I always pour some of the Tiffany’s liquid jewelry cleaner into a container small enough to throw into my makeup kit, which ALWAYS stays with me in my carryon luggage. I have yet to find a container that will not leak or spill etc and it makes a greasy, soapy mess of everything :( My mom saw the #blingbrush on #GMA, and on a whim ordered one for me and one for herself. I cleaned all my “baubles” the day she gave it to me, texting her before and after pictures of my trial run. We finally found a product to throw in our bags to schuzz up our sparkles on vacation, when they get cloudy from sunscreen and sweat, or sticky from fruit juices (be it from power smoothies, or pink cocktails with little umbrellas)!

It would be amazing if there was an option to buy a #babybling #babybaubles. A super compact bling brush, similar in size to a lipstick, and maybe a finger sized #minimitt too! For makeup kits, travel, even to keep in the smallest of evening clutches!


May 10 2018

For me, it’s always great knowing I can save space by rolling some of the clothes, which can save space on its own, but then I’ll pack things like jewelry in tissue paper and stick them in the rolls of clothing! That way nothing gets jumbled or tangled, it saves space, and I can locate items easily without removing things to get to the bottom of the bag!

May 10 2018

I do the same thing with my bags!!! I have also rocked a backpack many times as my second carry on. It can come in handy when running around through an airport and can be convenient for a laptop! It also has multiple Pockets that are easy for separating items and makes it easy to locate andbaccess important items during travel. Additional tips: if you have a neck pillow wear it around your neck or hook it around your bag so it doesn’t take a room in your luggage. Also I have never had a problem getting two carry-ons Plus a regular bed pillow on a flight with me, tuck it under your arm and you’re good to go zzzzz

May 10 2018

Instead of packing loose powder and a brush, I use a brush that comes preloaded with powder from ColoreScience. As a bonus, it contains SPF.

Stephanie Sweet
May 10 2018

When travelling I can’t leave home without my favorite chapstick, that way in any climate my lips never dry out.

Sheryl Ward
May 10 2018

I take a substantial number of medication and I always travel with my meds in their original and they all go in a gallon size bag…before the bag is zipped I slide in a print out from my pharmacy that is a part of a national chain that way TSA never gives me any trouble and if I accidentally run out I have all the information in a harp copy I also never travel without putting a clean pair of panties and a bra in my carry on then if something happens to your checked baggage it buys you enough time to buy more if you need too. I LOVE jewelry but trying to pack enough to go with every outfit can be bulky and heavy so I pick out 1 of my favourite chain and then take a few different pendants and I never take more rings than I can wear on my hands for the flight, same goes for bracelets…instead of hot rollers and curling rods I take 2 headbands 1 that goes with everything…a casual black one or a tortoise shell one and a dressier version for night and throw in a few rubber bands for braidsand french rolls then at night a spritz if hair spray and you have volume and curls…belts are rolled and placed inside a shoe, take beauty products that have multiple uses such as hair conditioner makes a fabulous shaving cream and baby oil takes that waterproof make up right and is great for your skin if applied right after your shower while your skin is still damp…I could go on but I think you get the idea…pack smart…pack like! Now get out there and travel!!

May 10 2018

I was and probably still am, like the former you, even though I have become so much better. My biggest problem is shoes! I’m all about the color story with clothes, makeup, and shoes. I, too, pack my purse. But I have a little cross-body wallet/purse kind of thing that is on my carry-on which is very handy when I am dashing through the airport. My carry-on that is supposed to be my “purse,” can expand. It could fit in the overhead compartment, but then I would have 2 items there, however, on my way home, I might check one bag and put that one in the overhead bin. However, I can expand it to a lesser size and it might still fit under the seat. It’s an awesome bag that is cleverly designed as it can be a smallish tote and grow up to any size until it fits into the overhead bin. It’s a soft sided canvas bag that doesn’t weigh much when it’s empty. I just love it!
I don’t pack any jewelry any more. I bring whatever I am wearing. I use scarves, pashminas etc. to accent my outfits. They are easy to pack and help extend the look of the outfit choices I have. I try to bring an item that can be a robe and sleep item. I have gotten over my extreme phobia of hotel robes and will ask for one if I am freezing cold (note: I need a new one delivered, even though there are usually 2 hanging in the closet). I find that leggings are multi-purpose—tights, workout gear, and/or sleep bottoms. They are also very easy to pack.
But shoes…they haunt me! I have a bad back and I usually have to change my shoes twice a day if I am going to be doing a lot of walking or standing. And of course I can’t wear the same pair the next day because it’s not a good thing for my back or shoes. So, I have really learned to be a better traveler. I just don’t know what to do about my shoe issue. Buy Tieks?

Glendyn Hoplight-Powers
May 10 2018

My tip is to always pack the things you’ll need first or the most in easy reach so you don’t have to go digging through your bags every time you need something. Also, always choose luggage/bags that you can handle easily and comfortably – otherwise you might end up not able to do everything you want to do because you don’t want to deal with dragging your bags along.

Shu Hill
May 10 2018

I secretly LOVE packing for travel. As in I make a list with all of my MUST-HAVES… cell charger, fluffy slippers, robe, chamomile tea bags, luxurious face masks, Baublerella bling brush….the only thing missing was the anti-frizz spray you mentioned in this article which would have made my Miami pictures actually worth printing.

I love your products, your mission, your brand, and now your articles! Thank you!

-Gal from Oklahoma

May 10 2018

Most airlines allow for a carry on AND a personal item, which usually on the airline websites include backpacks.
Using a backpack, especially one containing clothing packed in vacuum-sealed bags can really save your space!

Emily Seidel
July 11 2017

Girl – I was the same way when it came to packing for all my work trips. I would even over-pack when traveling to China which was a nightmare because I had to haul the bag through the city sometimes. My tip is to start with shoes first, pick one flat, one heel, one flip flop and one pair of tennis shoes (which I wear on the plane usually because they take up the most space). Then pick outfits in colors that can be mixed easily that match the shoes you choose.

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